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Training at Gunnamatta




Each year, we as patrollers are required to requalify (or ‘requal’) our skills that we have gathered over the years. That is, you must show that the skills you were taught on Bronze camp or other courses like First Aid for example, are up to scratch for the following season. This may involve demonstrating skills(e.g CPR or basic fitness) depending on the awards you hold, to the assessor’s. 

The assessor’s will give you tips and tricks to improve your skills and sign you off as requalified for your skills. This is not a test set for you to fail, the assessor’s are there to advise and help you improve your skills so that you can be deemed competent for the following season. 

For most awards, skills maintenance involves an online theory part (done on Member Training From Anywhere) and a practical part (done at GunnamattaSLSC at one of our Skills Maintenance Sessions). You will need to have fully completed your online theory before attending the practical Skills Maintenance Sessions.


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1. Ensure your member details are correct on both your SLS Members Area ( Member Training Portal (


2. From the LSV Member Training Portal home page, click on the large, grey box titled ‘Skills Maintenance’.

3. Click the orange ‘Enrol’ buttons for each award you need to requalify.

4. Refresh your page, and then click the blue ‘Launch’ button for each relevant award.

5. Complete the prescribed LSV e-learning for each award. Make sureyou click ‘Save & Exit’ before closing the e-learning window. Repeatthis for all awards you need to requalify.

6. When you refresh your page after completing the e-learning, youshould see a green. ‘Complete’ box with the instructions “go to Step2”.

7. Take a screenshot of all your completed awards and ensure it isaccessible to present to your instructor on the day of your requal.

8. At the top of your page - underneath the (now) red ‘SkillsMaintenance’ box - click the button “02 - Book Practical”.

9. Once arriving at this page, click on one of the blue ‘Find a Session’buttons. This will take you to the practical session booking screen.

10. Scroll down until you find one of the Gunnamatta SLSC’s listedrequal sessions. Make sure to check that the awards you wish torequalify are listed as part of the session you enrol into. Click the blue‘Enrol’ button.

11. Double check your personal information, then click ‘Next’.

12. Carefully read and click the confirmation checkboxes.

13. Sign your signature digitally using your mouse cursor, then click“Confirm”.

14. You have successfully enrolled in the Skills Maintenance courseand will receive an email confirmation to your nominated emailaddress.

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