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Child Safe Commitment

Gunnamatta SLSC takes seriously its responsibility to deliver a safe, fair and inclusive environment for Children & Young People involved in Surf Life Saving.

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and Gunnamatta SLSC comprise an organisation involving children and young people (CYP).

SLSA & Gunnamatta SLSC takes seriously its responsibility to deliver a safe, fair and inclusive environment for CYP involved in Surf Lifesaving (SLS).


Gunnamatta SLSC promotes equity, respect and diversity by:

  • actively anticipating CYP’s diverse circumstances and responding effectively to those with additional vulnerabilities;

  • providing all CYP access to information, support and reporting processes;

  • empowering CYP by giving them a voice and encouraging them to speak up on decisions that affect them;

  • creating a fun and positive environment for CYP to be involved in; and

  • paying attention to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CYP, CYP with a disability, CYP who identify as LGBTIQ and CYP from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Gunnamatta SLSC Committee endorses this commitment to keeping CYP safe from abuse and neglect. Everyone in our club, from Committee Volunteers, parents and friends are responsible to:

  • protect CYP from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation by SLS people;

  • be alert to incidents of child abuse and neglect occurring outside of SLS that may have an impact on the CYP involved in SLS programs and activities;

  • provide CYP with information, support and reporting processes; and

  • create and maintain a child safe culture that is understood, endorsed and put into action by all the individuals who work for, volunteer or access our programs and services.


All people within SLS, regardless of role or level of responsibility, must act to keep CYP safe from such harm. We do this by adopting the practices and behaviour SLS has set as its standard when carrying out their roles, and reporting any concerning behaviours or reasonable belief of abuse or neglect of which they become aware to a Person in Position of Authority and/or to external authorities responsible for child protection or to Police, regardless of whether that abuse is being perpetrated by volunteers or employees within SLS, or by those outside SLS including those from the CYP’s family, extended family, their family’s extended network or strangers.

You can view the Child Safe Policy here and aims to assist all SLS Entities uphold its responsibility to create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all Children & Young People.


For more information visit SLS Child Safe commitment and resources,

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