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GSLSC Nippers

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  • Beach Sprints

  • Beach Relays / Runs

  • Beach Flags

  • Nipper Games

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  • Wading

  • Dolphin Diving

  • Surf Race

  • Boards

  • Understanding tide changes & rips


Life Saving Victoria aims to encourage all children to achieve, do their best and develop to their full potential, whilst learning new skills and having fun. We encourage participation in all activities.

The vision for Nippers is to provide a safe and friendly environment where both nippers and parents can learn and enhance their knowledge about lifesaving and to prepare our Nippers to eventually be patrolling members.

There are 12,000+ Nippers here in Victoria. Nippers start learning about surf and inland waterway awareness, and safety through the Nipper Education Program. They are also able to participate in board paddling, swimming, running, wading and other activities and games, that will assist Nippers to become future lifesavers.

Surf awareness and education is a primary aim of the program. Children are taught from the youngest age how to respect and read the surf and to use it to their advantage. This is done in an environment of fun, healthy lifestyle and camaraderie which is unique to lifesaving.

Nipper Program Outcomes

The main aims of the Nippers Education Program are to:

  • Develop surf and inland waterway awareness

  • Increase confidence and skills in beach related activities

  • Instill and re-enforce SunSmart philosophies

  • Encourage enjoyable and healthy participation

  • Promote a positive non-threatening environment

  • Meet new friends

What your Nipper will learn

Your Nipper(s) will learn a number of new skills on the beach and in the water, as well as key education areas and water safety.

Nipper Skills

Nipper skills builds progressively on skill development from U8-U13 in beach, water and lifesaving activities. The activities are designed to provide Nippers the skills to be safe around open water and prepare them to complete their Surf Rescue Certificate.

Nipper Activities

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