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Nippers Safety

Safety is our no# 1 priority

Safety is our first priority for all activities including beach and water activities.


Water Safety

We endorse the Surf Life Saving Australia Water Safety Policy 1.1. We cannot commence any activity unless there is the correct number of water safety officers.  To be a water safety officer you need to hold a current Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate.  This is a great way to become involved with your children and we require all possible assistance.  We regularly run courses, so please contact us if you are interested.

Please note that parents are not to accompany swimmers unless they are qualified.

The minimum ratio for water safety for nippers is between one (1) qualified adult to five (5) children or ten (10) children for low risk activities.  All water safety officers should wear an orange cap/vest during water activities and must sign the Patrol Log or Water Safety Log Book at the commencement of each nipper session.


Safety in everything we do


Medical Conditions

The Nippers Coordinator and Age Group Manager must be notified of any medical conditions or special needs on renewal of membership or at the commencement of the nipper education program.

Dangerous Conditions

  • Extreme low or extreme high weather temperatures

  • High or strong winds

  • Rough or dangerous seas

  • Any other condition which causes concern for the safe participation of all members

The GSLS Nipper Program will proceed regardless of the inclement conditions.  Activities will be modified to take account of conditions and to ensure the safe participation of all members.  In the rare event that it is deemed necessary to cancel a programmed nipper session this will be at the discretion of the Nippers coordinator, Water Safety Coordinator &/or the on duty Patrol Captain.  In such a case the Nippers Coordinator will advise parents ASAP via email / text.

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