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Surf Lifesaving Pathways

There are great pathways for you. There is no limitation on what you may do.
Discuss with the seniors on camp some of the ways you might like to have your progression go.
Importantly, a qualification from Gunnamatta is held in the highest regard. We are considered “Real Lifesavers”.  Wear that unseen badge with honour.  Chart your own course.  This is your opportunity to develop some life skills and make them work for you.  
What is Lifesaving?

Surf Life Saving is the provision of an integrated national lifesaving service including volunteer lifesavers and paid lifeguards as well as the Surf Life Saving Emergency Response system. 
Lifesavers and lifeguards are trained to nationally recognised standards under the Australian Qualifications
Lifesavers patrol some 300 beaches around Australia.  There are 57 Lifesaving and Surf Lifesaving Clubs in Victoria.
The State coordination body is Lifesaving Victoria, created in 1992 after the merging of SLSV and Royal Lifesaving Victoria. 

What is Gunnamatta SLSC?

We are about 370 Members comprising 100 or so patrollers, 90 Nippers and the rest are parents of both Nippers and Patrollers. We have 26 Life Members, many of which are active patrollers.
The Club was formed in 1966 and is now some 56 years old.  We are not the oldest Club in the State,  but we are still here and intend to be for many years to come. 
We provide Volunteer Lifesaving patrols and host the Lifeguards during the peak season, post Xmas through to mid February. 
We provide, Junior (Nipper) program as well as Training for patrollers in major areas of skill.

What is progression in Lifesaving?

You are entering today either as an SRC or Bronze Medallion.  
An SRC is a qualified patroller and you will join a patrol. You may do other skills such as First Aid and Advanced Resus.  However in order to train as and IRB Crew you need to obtain your Bronze Medallion.  This is available at 15 yo.
A Bronze Medallion is the main qualification.  It allows you to train IRB and other quals such as Side by Side vehicle (at min of 18yo) and Patrol leadership, on recommendation by Club seniors. 
IRB Driver must be 17yo and hold a Powercraft licence. 
Most Lifesaving skills require annual “skills maintenance”  

What else is there?

Sport  - Gunnamatta has a small but growing aquatic sport team that focusses on Swimming and board riding, with Racing Mals and other boards. 
Training – you can obtain Nationally recognised training qualifications such as Enterprize Trainer and CERT 4 in Training and Assessment.
Programs that develop individuals at SLSC National College – for seniors. 
State based development camps – for U13, U15 and U18.  Latest ones on the U18 camp were Balyn Griffin and Alice Donald.  Talk to them about it.
State Based Committees – there are State Committees and Councils that formulate policy for a host of things. 


If you wish to become a Lifeguard, you have to:
Complete the Advanced Lifesaving Camp – a week in September 
Have most qualifications  - First Aid, ARTC, IRB Crew and Driver, Patrol Leader and Side by Side driver.   This has to be done before you can get a guard contract. 
Pass the physical tests, Mission and Swim test. 
Be available for any time over the Guard season.
Importantly, you need to be really keen to do this. 
Education Instructor
LSV have many instructor roles for teaching Schools and individuals to learn water safety skills.
For more info, speak to Zoe Douglas. 

How long does it all take?

Timing of qualifications is really up to you. 
Getting IRB and Driver takes two courses and you need to be 17 to get your Drivers qual. 
Side by Side requires that you hold a drivers licence = 18yo.
Advanced Lifesaving Camp min age is 17. 
Rookie Guards have to be 17yo preferably 18yo.

Club patroller progression

Positions within the Club vary, but we encourage young patrollers to step up and take on jobs. 
It is possible to be a deputy Vice Capt of a patrol at 17/18. 
Vice Capt and Captain is achievable by 20 or so. 
Trainer is achievable at 18 or so. 
Higher Training roles and qualifications is really up to you and your time available.

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